Help for Alienated Parents

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Just this last week, an alienated dad wanted to hire me to go into court with him to explain what being alienated is and how to identify it. There were plenty of indicators within the court reports that could have been used as examples of alienation developing with his young daughters. He had already paid his lawyer a fortune and all that was discussed in the hearing was how much money this dad had to pay his ex-wife, someone who had come into money herself.
I was pulled into a phone conversation with the lawyer who was insisting I was selling “snake oil”. Despite the fact I have been an expert witness in both the Children and Family courts, he insisted I would never be allowed in and I had not interviewed the family and had nothing to say. I felt I was prevailing in the battle with the lawyer, and recommended to the dad that he replace the lawyer with a group of lawyers who have not only used me, but are familiar with Parent Alienation.  He was due to pay the lawyer another $30,000.00. I believe he was anxious about replacing his lawyer at this juncture. 
As many alienated parents can attest to, it is imperative that one retain a lawyer who is familiar with and has a working knowledge of Parental Alienation. Ask them what books they have read, which experts they know of, and how to win in cases of alienation (i.e. exposing the alienating/narcissistic spouse). Be a consumer. Even though you are scared, ask for references.
The same goes for a therapist. Get a referral. All the experts are very approachable and you can get a referral in your city from them. Ask the therapist if they know about alienation. Can they tell you what they know? Listen for the key words, “counterintuitive, the alienating/narcissistic parent, knowledge of custody and court problems, the hatred coming from their children to a formerly much loved parent. It is so important to find someone who knows about parent alienation and who won’t brutalize you by wanting to know what you did to turn your child against you. 
The sad fact of the matter is that lawyers, judges, CPS workers and therapists have not received training in the abuse of parents and children in the horrible scourge that parental alienation is. But there are the few that you can feel comfortable that they have your best interest at heart.  It is just as difficult to choose an inexperienced and ignorant lawyer and therapist as doing the extra work to find ones who do know what they are doing.
I wish you well. Yes, you may call me too.